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SIP Training

We've been delivering SIP training courses for 6 years now. That's almost as old as SIP!

SIP Business is a SIP Seminar.
This is a 1-day introduction to SIP designed for the non-technical executive.

SIP-Tech is a SIP Workshop.
This is a 2-day SIP Training Program created for voice/data technicians and engineers.

Asterisk Training

Our 3-day Asterisk Training Course is an introductory Asterisk training program that enables technicians and engineers to shorten the learning curve on Asterisk, the new open-source Linux-based PBX that is taking the VoIP world by storm.

Oasis'Asterisk Training Program can be adapted to target specific organisational learning goals. This is a lab-intensive, instructor-led program available for delivery world wide

VoIP Training

From the executives high-level view to the technicians hands-on configuration skills, our VoIP Training Courses cover almost everything.

VoIP+SIP is a VoIP Workshop.
This popular 3-day program is the solution to bringing data and voice specialists right up-to-date. VoIP+SIP acknowledges the tremendous impact of SIP and its importance as the centerpiece of tomorrow's communication's vision.

VoIP-Business is a VoIP Seminar Geared for the non-techie, this 1-day introduction to SIP covers all the basics and provides an industry overview for executives in need of an up-to-minute picture.

VoIP-Tech is a 2-day VoIP Course This program is designed for technicians and engineers who need an introductory course, or for moderately techno-literate managers and execs.


Our VoIP and SIP training courses are scheduled quite regularly in Surrey. Send us an email, for information concerning upcoming availability.

VoIP technologies are rapidly changing and our VoIP training courses are updated frequently to reflect this. That said, Asterisk is a special case - even in this environment, it's growing so fast you can sit and watch it happen!

We are aware of this, so we have created a 3-day foundation Asterisk Training Workshop covering the basics that we can tune on an event by event basis. Having an experienced trainer with a passion for the technology is the key here.

We are happy to provide our VoIP, SIP and Asterisk training programs onsite to organizations anywhere in the world - contact us for a quote.

Hands on - Yes please

Of course, we all love the kit part! Putting it all together, making it all happen - that's what it's about!

Reflecting this, our workshops are just about as hands on as they can get, bearing in mind that you must first understand what you are doing!

The 1-day business courses, however, are seminars - these are multi-media/talk and chalk format with interactive exercises.

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