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Oasis' 3-day Asterisk Training Workshop can be provided onsite to organisations worldwide or in the UK at our affiliated training rooms in Surrey.

This Asterisk Training Program is an instructor-led, multi-media presentation style format course with printed student Workbook/Guide. The course includes a take-home copy of a CD with a bootable Linux/Asterisk installation ready to go.

Asterisk Workshop
Prerequisites & Recommendations
Asterisk is a radically new product in relatively new technological area. Right now - anyone who has heard of Asterisk and is interested in attending an Asterisk training course is most likely to already be involved in VoIP and to have sufficient experience to benefit from the training. Accordingly, we are not mandating any special VoIP skills or experience as pre-requisites for this Asterisk training. However, it is important that candidates have some experience with Linux installation, configuration and administration. The Linux skills that relate to Asterisk will be covered by this training course.
Course Outline

Module 1: What is Asterisk?

Module 2: Asterisk Fundamentals

Module 3: PSTN & VoIP connections

Module 4: Zapata Channels

Module 5: Asterisk Architecture

Module 6: IAX Channels

Module 7: VoiceMail

Module 8: Extension.conf

Module 9: SIP for Asterisk

Module 10: SIP Channels


Course Objectives
After completing this Asterisk training course students will be able to:

Course Cost approx. $3,000 per day.
Includes kit, courseware & instructor.
Maximum 8 delegates

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