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VoIP Training Courses

Our VoIP Training Courses are instructor-led, multi-media presentation style format with printed student courseware. All these courses can be provided onsite worldwide or at our affiliated training rooms in the UK.

VoIP Business a 1-day VoIP Training Seminar.

VoIP Tech a 2-day VoIP Training Course.

VoIP with SIP a 3-day VoIP Training Workshop.

Oasis VoIP training is based on IETF/ITU standards, but also includes references to products of several vendors and exemplary case-studies featuring leading vendor technologies.

Our VoIP Training courses also include quizzes, instructor demos and hands-on practice with real equipment to maintain student interest and validate new learning.

VoIP Business
Prerequisites & Recommendations
There are no prerequisites for this VoIP training session other than an interest in getting a high-level view of VoIP.
Course Outline

Module 1: What is VoIP?

Module 2: VoIP Components

Module 3: Why VoIP? Benefits vs. Challenges

Module 3: VoIP Opportunities

Course Objectives
After completing this VoIP training course students will be able to:
VoIP Tech
Prerequisites & Recommendations
VoIP Technologies has no pre-requisite requirements. This VoIP training course is suitable for network administrators, engineers, consultants, and managers seeking breadth and depth in VoIP technologies. It is also recommended training for engineers, administrators, consultants and managers who need a thorough, up-to-date introduction to the technologies and business considerations of Voice Over IP. This VoIP Training session is especially valuable as a prerequisite to specialized VoIP training such as IP Telephony and Unified Messaging.
Course Outline

Module 1: What is VoIP?

Module 2: VoIP Fundamentals

Module 3: VoIP Protocols

Module 4: H.323

Module 5: SIP

Module 6: MGCP & Megaco

Module 7: VoIP Architectures

Module 8: Performance and QOS

Module 9: Multimedia over IP

Module 10: VoIP NOW! The Business Picture

Module 11: Case Studies

Course Objectives
After completing this VoIP training course, students will be able to:

This VoIP training workshop is an extended and modified presentation of our VoIP Tech program. VoIP-with-SIP adds an additional day of SIP training. The SIP coverage is accordingly extensive and there is lots of hands-on configuration of SIP softphones and hard phones. Our VoIP-with-SIP training program is targeted at engineers, technicians and designers who need some background in H.323, but need extensive coverage in SIP. This is the right VoIP training program to prepare data/voice professionals for the real challenges of network convergence in 2005 and beyond.

Course Cost approx. £3,000 per day.
Includes kit, courseware & instructor.

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